valentines box

valentines box


When I can fit it in i make a new box with different treats in.  I list what's in the box on my facebook page then stick them on here.  This one contains Belgian chocolate coated honeycomb, tablet,  double shortbread hearts, millionaire shortbread, raspberry and chocolate macaron hearts and a fondant covered vanilla cake with strawberry jam.


    Fondant covered cake: gf flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, xzanthan gum, salt, vegetable oil, vinegar, soya milk, vanilla paste,  icing sugar, cornflour, shortening, dairy free butter, strawberry jam, fondant icing (contains soya), sprinkles (natural colourings only) Allergens: soya

    Honeycomb:  Sugar, dark chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa paste, sugar, emulsifier:  soya lecithin, vanilla flavour) glucose syrup, gluten free baking soda.  Allergens:  soya

    Tablet: Sugar, condensed coconut milk, soya milk, dairy free butter, vanilla extract. Allergens: soya

    Double shortbread hearts: gf flour, sugar, almonds, baking powder, dairy free butter, shortening, raspberry jam, vanilla paste.  Allergens: soya, almonds

    Millionaire shortbread: gf flour, sugar, dairy free butter, ground almonds, baking powder, dark chocolate, condensed coconut milk, Invert sugar syrup, Allergens: soya lecithin, almonds

    Macarons: ground almonds, icing sugar, sugar, butterbean liquid, beetroot powder, dark chocolate, raspberry jam, invert sugar syrup, dairy free butter. Allergens: soya lecithin, almonds


    I will post to you as soon as I possibly can.   I don't post on a Friday as I don't want them sitting in the postal service over the weekend.   Perishable items are non-refundable, however if you are not satisfied with your purchase please let us know.   Our customer satisfaction is very important to us.   We cannot be responsible for the condition it arrives in due to the postal system. Order at your own risk! 


    These are best eaten fresh, but can be frozen for up to 3 months and taken out before needed. Store in a cool dry place. Tablet and honeycomb not suitable for freezing. French fancies can be frozen but fondant will be sticky so not recommended.

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