Movie box

Movie box


All you need for a perfect movie night.  Box contains belgian chocolate coated honeycomb, tablet, chocolate chip cookie, millionaire shortbread, mini doughnuts, sweet and salty popcorn, hot chocolate stirrer spoon, mallows, penny sweeties and caramel sauce for your ice-cream.


    Millionaire: dark chocolate(contains soya lecithins), gf flour, sugar, dairy free butter, ground almonds, baking powder, condensed coconut milk, invert sugar syrup

    Chocolate honeycomb: dark chocolate(contains soya lecithin), sugar, glucose syrup, baking soda

    tablet: sugar, soya milk, dairy free butter, condensed coconut milk, vanilla extract.

    hot chocolate spoon: dark chocolate, tablet pieces (ingredients above)

    caramel sauce: sugar, coconut milk, soya milk

    cookie: sugar, butter, baking powder, baking soda, dark chocolate chips (contains soya lecithin) gf flour, apple sauce, xzanthan gum, salt

    vegan mallows: glucose syrup, sugar, water, dextrose, carrageenan, maize starch, rice protein, polyphosphate, vanilla, colour: titanium dioxide, red: beetroot.

    Popcorn: popcorn, sugar, rapeseed oil, salt

    Allergens: soya, almonds


    Store in a cool dry place, as these have no additives, the sooner they are eaten the better, millionaire is better straight from the fridge.


    We don't post at the end of the week so they don't lay in the postal system over the weekend. We take no responsibility for the condition it may arrive in due to postman Pat so order at your own risk!