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Mother's day treat box preorder

Mother's day treat box preorder


Treat box contains: a raspberry & white chocolate blondie, 3 heart sugar cookies (each one has a word on it eg: best mum ever), 3 chocolate truffles, 1 strawberry macaron, chocolate fudge, 1 a chocolate cake. If you would like to personalise your 3 words for the cookies please leave a comment with your order.


    Raspberry & white chocolate blondie:  GF SR flour mix: rice flour, potato flour, tapioca starch, maize flour, buckwheat flour, baking powder, baking soda, xzanthan gum, ground almonds, moo free white chocolate, dried raspberries, salt, almond milk, lemon juice, apple sauce, sunflower oil.

    allergens: almonds

    macaron: icing sugar, ground almonds, cornflour, sugar, butterbean aquafaba, beetroot powder, dairy free butter, vegetable shortening, vanilla paste, strawberry jam.

    allergens: almonds

    Fudge:  Dark chocolate, condensed coconut milk, vanilla paste, sea salt, sprinkles (with natural colourings).

    allergens: soya

    Chocolate truffles: Dark chocolate, soya milk, cocoa powder.

    Allergens: soya

    Sugar cookies:  GF flour, dairy free butter, sugar, baking powder, xzanthan gum, ground almonds, vegan fondant icing, strawberry jam, edible gold or silver leaf.

    allergens: almonds

    Chocolate cake: gf flour, caster sugar, baking powder, bicarb, xzanthan gum, salt, sunflower oil, vinegar, coconut milk, cocoa powder, icing sugar, dairy free butter, dark chocolate, sprinkles (with natural colourings).

    allergens: soya

     If you have a specific allergy please advise us before ordering.



    Store in a cool dry place.  Bring to room temperature before eating.


    We take no resposibility for any damage done in the postal system.  Order at your own risk!  No refunds can be given for any squashed items.

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